Datacenter Cleaning & Sanitizing


Cleaning of computer rooms

Machines enclosed in Data Centers are extremely valuable to the profitability of your business. Even if access to them is restricted, these rooms suffer from deposits of dust and impurities generated by air conditioning, by people moving around and by improvements and maintenance work being carried out. False (raised-access) floors (plenums) also require special attention, in view of the wiring that they are there to protect. 

Entrust the cleaning and maintenance of these rooms to our specialist teams, with no risk to the structures, the data or the processes underway.


  • the most advanced equipment and products on the professional market 

  • removal of all foreign bodies (dust particles of less than 0.3 microns --> rubbish, residue from repair or building work, etc.) 

  • dust removal (vacuuming), cleaning, antistatic treatment 

  • professional polishing, breathing new life into and restoring shine of equipment

An interruption in service in a computer room leads to significant operating losses for a business. That’s why your insurers recommend regular cleaning and maintenance.