Datacenter cleaning & sanitizing

Protect your data center – the actual brain of your company!

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What you are looking for

  • Your company has a data center or computer room that is essential to its operations.
  • You are aware that a potential breakdown of a server or of the network can be a threat to your data storage and the proper functioning of your activity.
  • You want to trust the cleaning and sanitizing of these spaces to experienced professionals that have been trained to work in these rooms.
  • You want to have your equipment deep-cleaned, without being interrupted from your work.

Think about it!

Neither construction nor insurance companies take into account any damages caused by poor operating conditions (humidity, condensation, accumulation of impurities or overheating) of your computer park.

There’s never been a better time to start planning preventative maintenance of your data center!

Limit the risk of breakdowns and protect your data thanks to preventative cleaning! 

Data centers and computer rooms are the strategic drivers of your company, but they are also vulnerable spaces. The tiniest incident can be a threat to your activity’s productivity and profitability. At I.C.U.S., we know that security is vital.

Dust, air conditioning impurities, movement of people or construction works: all of these microparticles contribute to the premature wear, overheating or fire risks of your servers. That’s why I.C.U.S. is a certified ‘expert in energetic profiling’. This means that our team has solid experience and perfect knowledge of how data centers and computer rooms work. They use high-technological techniques to prolong the lifetime of your equipment without interfering with their functioning during the cleaning process. 

Computer breakdowns can cost you up to thousands of euros, especially in certain sectors.

Our specialized disinfectant products and techniques allow us to eliminate every single impurity such as dust smaller than 0,3 micron. This large specter of disinfection is recognized in the medical sector as the best cold disinfectant in the world.

Energy gain

Cleaning your data center allows you to save money thanks to an optimal cool-down system.


Having your devices cleaned significantly improves their lifetime, allowing you to cut back on operating and maintenance costs.


Maintenance of your data center allows for better cooling, which is a guarantee for the performance of your servers and prevents device downtime.


At I.C.U.S. we work with 95% biodegradable products that are non-toxic, non-corrosive and guaranteed free of CFC.

With more than 25 years of experience, I.C.U.S.’s knowhow and dedication allows us to provide companies with cutting-edge technology solutions and products. Our team happily comes to your offices and computer rooms where they will ensure a professional, quality service.