PC and computer equipment cleaning & sanitizing

On average, workstations and keyboards in particular harbor 400 times more bacteria than toilets (BBC News)

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  • Your workspace consists of computer equipment that your employees use on a daily basis and sometimes share amongst each other.
  • You are looking to optimize and prolong the lifetime of your office equipment.
  • You wish for your employees to work in an optimal, safe and hygienic environment.
  • You want to have your equipment deep-cleaned without having to step away from your office.

Diseases spread extremely fast in companies (American Society of Microbiology)

1 employee in 5 (20%) has already been contaminated by someone else at their workplace

Workplaces are environments where viruses quickly reproduce (Dr Gerba, University of Arizona)

This large specter of disinfection is recognized in the medical sector as the best cold disinfectant in the world.

This broad spectrum of disinfection is recognized in the medical sector as the best cold disinfection in the world.

From us

specialists, to you

As experts in computer cleaning and disinfection, we do a whole lot more than just quickly wipe off your computer and office equipment.

Our team uses specialized disinfectant products that destroy 99,999% of pathogens including viruses, bacteria, mycobacteria, yeasts and spores as well as impurities that can stain your equipment such as dust, hairs, textile fibers, food remains, etc. We make sure the cleaning process effectively works against germs that are usually present on your equipment. Our products are sustainable and of the highest quality. That’s why so many companies already trust us and come to us for our services.


A clean work environment improves your employees’ motivation and well-being, leaving them less stressed.


At I.C.U.S. we work with 95% biodegradable products that are non-toxic, non-corrosive and guaranteed free of CFC.


A healthier workplace reduces the risk of diseases for your team and increases productivity.

Cost reducing

Investing in regular maintenance of your computer devices means you can save money on equipment and IT maintenance.

With more than 25 years of experience, I.C.U.S.’s knowhow and dedication allows us to provide companies with cutting-edge technology solutions and products. Our team happily comes to your offices and computer rooms where they will ensure a professional, quality service.