IT Cleaning & Sanitizing for Professionals

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As an innovative and competitive company, you use technology on a daily basis. That’s why you would like to:
✓ Have your computers, servers, printers and audiovisual equipment be cleaned and disinfected professionally,
✓ Avoid breakdowns and extend the lifetime of your computer equipment,
✓ Make sure your employees can work in a nice and clean environment.

PC Cleaning & Sanitizing 

Datacenter Cleaning & Sanitizing

Datacenter Accessories

Take this opportunity before your employees return to the office (Covid-19)

In the current context of the rapid large-scale spread of Covid-19 making sure your computer park is cleaned and sanitized is more important than ever for the wellbeing of your staff. Based on what is known by now about 2019-nCov, our disinfectant products have successfully proven their efficiency when it comes to the destruction of the virus. Now that most of your employees are out of the office, why not use this opportunity to let us take care of your computer park without interfering with your activity?

PC Cleaning & Sanitizing

Your office equipment including screens, keyboard, telephones, fax machines, buttons and printers are the perfect breeding grounds for germs. Let’s get them all cleaned up!

Datacenter Cleaning & Sanitizing

A computer room breakdown usually implies a huge cost for your company. That’s why insurance companies recommend regular maintenance.

Datacenter Accessories

We offer affordable and ecological solutions for climate management systems thanks to our assortment of accessories for data centers and computer rooms.


Cleaning and sanitizing your office equipment on a regular basis upgrades working conditions for your employees, improving their motivation and productivity.


A work space with excellent maintenance is a key factor in boosting your company’s professional image.


Your computer equipment is a huge investment. Preventative maintenance allows it to keep running at optimal performance and ensures its reliability.

With more than 25 years of experience, I.C.U.S.’s knowhow and dedication allows us to provide companies with cutting-edge technology solutions and products. Our team happily comes to your offices and computer rooms where they will ensure a professional, quality service.