PC and Peripherals Cleaning & Sanitizing


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Specialized cleaning for computer hardware ? 

At work, you use a computer for several hours every day. As for servers, they’re operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You also share faxes, phones, printers, etc. with your colleagues.

Copious amounts of dust, hair, dead skin cells, fabric fibers, pollen, hole punch chad and paper clips get into the machines, not to mention food waste and residue from drinks. In these conditions, the risks of technical faults and overheating increase.

In addition, finger marks, sebum, showers of spit and perspiration, bacteria and viruses make screens, keyboards, computer mice, phones, buttons on office machines, etc. dirty. All this is far from hygienic.

The usual quick vacuum or rub with a moist cleaning wipe is not enough for a deep clean.

Try our professional cleaning solutions, designed to protect your computer hardware. And enjoy a healthier working environment and, therefore, a pleasanter one too !


Experience since 1995 

Our specially trained and equipped teams come to your offices. Entrust them with cleaning your computers and other hardware or audiovisual equipment and that equipment will then stay in perfect working order for longer. We recommend that your computers be cleaned and maintained at least twice a year.

Advantages for the users:

  • up to 99.9% disinfection of germs present at work stations

  • effective cleaning even of traces of glue and marker pens

  • 95% biodegradable products, guaranteed CFC-free

Advantages for the machines:

  • vacuuming-up of impurities when other methods don’t do this properly or only move them around

  • longer life span

  • prevention of crashes and technical faults

 Assets for your company :

  • professional solutions for professional users

  • healthier and pleasanter working environment

  • savings in hardware, equipment and maintenance cost items

I.C.U.S. comes to your company to clean & sanitize your :

PC, laptop, mouse, screen, keyboard, printer, photocopier, fax, telephone, calculator, computer peripherals, audiovisual equipment, computer rooms and raised access computer floors, electronic and office equipment...